RV Storage

5 Reasons Not to Store Your RV Outdoors

1) Outdoor storage facilities accept no responsibility for damage or vandalism to your RV. If it’s in your back yard, then, yeah, you’re still responsible. Think indoor storage.
2) Wherever your RV is outdoors, mother nature could care less. Winds, rain, snow, tornadoes, whatever happens in your environment, your RV will be subject to it. And who pays the bill for repair jobs? You, of course.
3) Insects and other critters will find your RV open game if you leave it outdoors. Even when you plug all the holes and crevices, those rats, mice and insects can squeeze through almost any opening. Think indoor, where huge physical barriers protect against rodents and insects.
4) Bird doo-doo and other exterior challenges to your RV won’t occur in indoor storage. You won’t be forced to repeatedly clean your vehicle from top to bottom if you keep it indoors.
5) Vandals and others disrespectful of private property won’t get to your RV if it’s safely indoors. Choose indoor storage and sleep well at night.

Protect your investment.
Even though the cost may be higher when choosing an indoor storage facility for your RV, in the long
run it will last longer and maintain its value.