Pharmaceutical Storage

Important factors for pharmaceutical reps to consider when choosing a storage facility
1. Cleanliness: Ask to see a unit and check for signs of bug or rodent infestations, which can be common issues in self-storage locations. If you don’t see anything, just confirm with an employee that appropriate pest control is being practiced.

2. Climate control: Maybe the most important factor in a facility is the quality of its climate control. Many drugs can only be kept potent and safe within a specific temperature range. To make sure medications will be appropriately cared for, ask the owner about the temperature range allowed within units. It’s also important to make sure that the humidity requirements will be met for all samples.

3. Deliveries: Each pharmaceutical rep has a preferred system for storage and deliveries, so make sure to discuss yours with the facility’s owner. Make a plan for future deliveries to avoid running into any unfortunate roadblocks down the line.

4. Safety: When you visit a storage facility, be sure to note what kinds of security measures are in place. Are there video cameras onsite? Is there a fence around the facility? Ask an employee to walk you through the safety features, which should include an access keypad and onsite personnel. Some of the samples you want to store are probably controlled substances, so it is very important that they remain secure at all times.