Boat Storage

The Advantages of Indoor Boat Storage
Where to store a boat when not in use is a complicated decision every boat owner must make. Boat owners must consider the advantages of indoor storage and if they will benefit their specific boat, climate, and investment.

Oxidation Protection
Storing a boat indoors protects it from the elements like rain, sunlight, and wind. Keeping a boat dry minimizes oxidation on the hull’s gel coat, prevents rust on any metal parts on the boat, and prolongs the life of any canvas covers.

A boat storage facility can be locked and protected against thieves and vandals.

Indoor storage facilities tend to be more expensive than outdoor boat storage. Depending on the investment put into a boat, storing your boat indoors can be an economical decision, if the costs saved in maintenance and repairs from outdoor damage surpass the cost of storage.

Storing a boat indoors protects it from dirt, mold, mildew, and dust build up. It will keep a boat looking new and ready for immediate use when ready.

Ice build up, which is worse in colder temperatures and higher altitudes, can damage a boat. Indoor storage facilities, sometimes temperature controlled, can prevent ice from forming by keeping the temperature up and eliminating moisture